Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Conjuring 2 Movie Download

The Conjuring 2 Movie Information:
Stars: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Frances O'Connor, Madison Wolfe, Lauren Esposito, Patrick McAuley, Benjamin Haigh, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Simon Delaney, Franka Potente, Simon McBurney.
Directors: James Wan
Writers: Carey Hayes, David Johnson, James Wan
Genres: Horror
Release Date: 10 June 2016 (USA)
Country: USA
Movie Language: English

Movie Story: The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist was scripted by Chad and Carey Hayes, the pair who penned the first film. And most exciting to horror fans, the sequel has successfully lured back director James Wan, who is currently in postproduction on his step outside the genre with the action-thriller Furious 7. More good news--though perhaps obvious--Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will return to reprise their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren. Now what about this Enfield Poltergeist

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